Today’s workshop infrastructure is being run in Amazon EC2.
Each student will be assigned a number, e.g. student1, student2, student3
Your instructor will supply you with a web site url or IP address where you will find detailed info for
your own personal lab environment.
- EC2 username
- EC2 password
- IP Addresses for each of your EC2 instances

Workshop Infrastructure

Each student’s personal EC2 lab is equipped with the following:

  • (1) Control node (to run ansible plays and install Ansible Tower).

  • (2) Endpoint nodes (to execute ansible playbooks upon).

Before we can begin doing super-cool automations and such, we’ve got to get a few basics out of the way. Namely…​ ssh access to your EC2 nodes.

Testing your environment

Testing your access
  • Open a terminal or terminal emulator (like PuTTy)

  • ssh to each one of your EC2 nodes/instances using ssh.

  • ssh <account name>@<IP address of node>

    • EXAMPLE: ssh bhirsch@

Be sure you can log in to your ec2 instances. If you can’t log in start shouting, loudly, and waving your hands!

End Result

At this point, everyone should have logged into each of your 3 nodes. If you haven’t, let us know so we can get you fixed up.