Today’s Agenda
  • Arrivals, Introductions

  • Workshop Setup

  • Exercise 1.1 - Ad-Hoc Commands

  • Exercise 1.2 - Writing Your First Playbook

  • Exercise 1.3 - Running Your First Playbook

  • Exercise 1.4 - Using Variables, loops, and handlers

  • Exercise 1.5 - Running the apache-basic-playbook

  • Exercise 1.6 - Roles: Making your playbooks reusable

  • Exercise 2.1 - Installing Ansible Tower

  • Exercise 2.2 - Configuring Ansible Tower

  • Exercise 2.3 - Creating and Running a Job Template

  • Resources, Wrap Up

Before We Get Started


Today is meant for anyone who has any exposure to Ansible, whether you have used it or not. The format of this discussion is a combination of presentation, demonstration, and hands-on labs.

Your Responsibilities

  • Have a discussion. This will be boring if it’s just us up here talking the entire time.

  • Participate. We are going to cut you loose with Ansible here in just a little while. Have questions. Have opinions.

Hopefully you have your laptop with you. If not, please find a shoulder-surfing buddy.

Conventions Used in This Document

Whenever you see a section like this, please pay close attention. We are leading you through a process.

Step 1: Run this command to do something or other

ansible web -m setup

Step 2: Edit this file in this specific way

- hosts: web
  name: This is a play within a playbook
  become: yes
      - httpd
      - mod_wsgi
Do not cut and paste text from this document. We really want you to learn ansible during this workshop, and part of that experience is typing out YAML and understanding it’s syntax, spacing, and alignments.

Location-Specific Information

WiFi Access

ssid: TBD

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