Congratulations! You just wrote a playbook that incorporates some key Ansible concepts that you use in most if not all of your future playbooks. Before you get too excited though, we should probably make sure it actually runs.

So, lets do that now.

Section 1 - Running your new apache playbook

Step 1: Make sure you are in the right directory and create a host file.

% cd ~/apache-basic-playbook
Since you already did the work of creating a host file in Lession 1.0, feel free to just copy hosts from your apache_basic project. Or, hey…​ if you like to type, create a new file called hosts and put this in it.
node-1 ansible_host=<IP Address of your node-1>
node-2 ansible_host=<IP Address of your node-2>

Step 2: Run your playbook

% ansible-playbook -i ./hosts site.yml -k

Section 2: Review

If successful, you should see standard output that looks very similar to the following. If not, just let us know. We’ll help get things fixed up.

stdout 2
Figure 1: apache-basic-playbook stdout